Real Estate Law in York, PA

Real Estate Law

Real estate law can be complicated. Fortunately, The Law Office of John M. Ogden in York, Pennsylvania, operates as South Penn Settlement Services to handle your needs. We make real estate matters easy. Call today for a detailed estimate of your closing costs with South Penn Settlement Services.

We handle the following types of cases:

  • Commercial & Residential
  • Real Estate Settlements & Transactions
  • Zoning & Subdivision
  • Land Use
  • Municipal Issues Involving Real Estate
  • Rights of Ways & Easements
  • Assessment Appeals
  • Eminent Domain Cases

Real Estate Experts

For most of us, a home is one of the largest purchases we will ever make. That's why it is so important to have a trustworthy company with years of experience to handle your transaction. Our law firm is that company. We can handle your real estate transactions from start to finish.

Licensed Title Insurance Agent

Attorney Ogden is a PA Licensed Title Insurance Agent and operates SouthPenn Settlement Services. We can handle all of your real estate needs.

Eminent Domain

Attorney Ogden has been a Chairman on the Board of Viewers in Eminent Domain Cases since 2006. He is familiar with the Eminent Domain Code and has handled Eminent Domain jury trials. If your land is being taken by Eminent Domain, call us!
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Attorney Ogden handles all types of real estate litigation.

Attorney Ogden represented a real estate developer whose plan was denied based on a lack of a sewer plan. The developer came to Attorney Ogden who reviewed the denial and found that it did not meet legal requirements. Attorney Ogden filed for a “deemed decision” and was successful in the trial court and in the Commonwealth Court.

David Lease v. Hamilton Twp, 885 A.2d 684 (2005).

Assessment Appeals

Attorney Ogden handles assessment appeals and successfully sued the York County Board of Assessment Appeals over an illegal spot assessment. Attorney Ogden's client purchased a home in York County and shortly thereafter his property was reassessed. Attorney Ogden filed suit challenging the Board of Assessment Appeals decision to "correct the assessment" of the client's property thereby raising the amount of taxes he paid. The Court held that Board improperly approved increased assessment on taxpayer's property thereby subjecting taxpayer to impermissible spot reassessment.

Radecke v. York Cnty. Bd. of Assessment Appeals, 798 A.2d 265 (Pa. Commw. Ct. 2002).

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